01. i’ve landed in korea!

After 14 restless hours on an airplane, I finally landed in Korea. Figuring out how to use the bus system and getting around without a phone or wifi are also on my list of accomplishments for today. I don’t think its hit me yet that I’m here, or I’m just too tired to tell. It is good, however, seeing my parents! I haven’t seen my mom in a year and my dad in three, so the reunion was sweet to say the least. And it’s comfortable. I forgot how comfortable it is to live with parents! Everything you need and want are right in front of you. What a blessing!

The first thing we did after saying our hellos and giving each other hugs was go eat. And what else to eat as a welcome home meal other than marinated meat!? We went to a place called 청학골 right next to my parents place, and it was glorious. What’s even better is that it was only 13,000 won per serving of meat. Affordable and delicious!


I love the sauces and cooking your own meat! My dad is great at cooking meat, so it was perfect.IMG_2094

Looking grimy from the plane ride, but this is the first picture I’ve taken with the two of them in three whole years. THREE. IMG_2096

Must I say more about this picture?


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