02. street food, street food, and more street food

I am so tired. Nothing seems to be registering in my head but I’m determined to write this blog post and stay up until at least 10. Today was a lot of fun which is probably why I’m so exhausted (in addition to my jet lag). Here’s how it went down:

6:00AM: Wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day. My mom loves cooking healthy. So healthy that she doesn’t even put salt in her food. This mornings breakfast? Porridge made with beans, bean sprouts, carrots, broccoli, and other healthy things – it surprisingly didn’t taste bad! But it definitely was a little too healthy for me as I ate two pieces of bread after..

7:00AM: Seoul’s city center with my dad! We stopped by the American consulate, walked around, ate some street food and lunch, and went to his school to show me around his campus.

IMG_2116 IMG_2118 IMG_2122

As a snack, we each got a skewer. It was 700 won per skewer, and I thought to myself “THAT’S SO CHEAP!!” Later in the day I found out that it’s usually 500 won per. Note to self: don’t buy overpriced street food. Meh, but whatever. It was still good.


My dad’s office + coffee brewing! I thought I drank a lot of coffee.. but he drinks even more. I guess he’s where I got this addiction from.
IMG_2131 IMG_2133

School campus! Isn’t it beautiful?

3:00PM: Look at new apartments because my parents are moving! There’s something I’ve noticed coming here: consumerism is insane…. like significantly more than it’s prevalent in Chicago. Everything has to do with brand names, luxury items, and status. That being said, even apartment viewings are made into events. It’s shocking.

4:00PM: Snack on some 붕어빵. So good when they’re hot and fresh!


5:00PM:  Street market where we had more food! Street 떡볶이! Only 2,500 won and tasted amazing. AMAZING.


So here’s what happened. We were walking around and when we saw a ddukbokki stand, we immediately wanted some. But my dad didn’t have any cash on him, they didn’t take credit card, and my mom only had 2,100 won in her wallet when the cost of 1 serving was 2,500 won. The picture on the left is my mom looking through her wallet to find loose change, and the picture on the right shows our satisfied and extremely content faces with our ddukbokki. We ended up paying only 2,100 won because the lady was nice. Thank the Lord she was generous because it was delicious.

I hope I never forget how much of a blessing it is to be with family!


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