03. Learning how to relax

I’m not sure how to just sit still and do nothing. I guess that’s a prevalent problem in our generation. And that’s why I’m in Korea – to learn how to relax. And yet, here I am looking for a hobby and wanting to get moving.

I woke up early this morning, facetimed my boyfriend (the time difference is really unfortunate), went to the gym, and bummed around until I couldn’t take it any longer. Solution to my boredom? Go on a walk! How beautiful are the trees and my neighborhood!?


Okay, kind of embarrassing, but I couldn’t figure out how to make coffee (like I couldn’t figure out how to work the stove this morning) so I stopped by the convenient store to get some. A little too sweet for my liking, but coffee is coffee! Originally 1,900 won but got it for 1000 won. YES!


Once 2PM hit, I went to this donkatsu place called 돈까스 클럽 and got the biggest piece of pork cutlet in the world.. And to add to the great big portions, the interior was great!

IMG_2179-side IMG_2185 IMG_2187 IMG_2189


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