weekend roundup

The weather here has been really crummy this weekend. Rain, rain, rain. It would be better if it would just pour but its just been glum. But just because the weather has been downcast doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the weekend. It was actually pretty packed. My dad hurt his leg playing tennis so I’ve been going to the hospital with him the past couple days to get therapy, spent an afternoon in Gangnam, and took a day trip down to Daejun. Packed to say the least!


1. Fresh juice that costs 7,500 won. Um, no thanks.
2. This concept was cool. A cafe within an Urban Outfitters-esque store
3. Pastries and pastries and pastries galoreIMG_2429My parents sharing food at a gas station/rest area on the way down to Daejun. Cute, no? It was a snack before we went to the greatest buffet of my life. Photos of 2 of like 8 plates I ate. The sushi and dessert were amazing!
IMG_2436 IMG_2441


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