happy days


Sometimes I feel like I have to dress like a Korean or I’ll get mad judged. Then there are other times I dress like a nineties chick in leggings, keds, and a sweater tied around my waist. One thing I’m learning again and again here is that you just gotta be confident. Who cares if they judge? Gotta stayย true to who I am.

On a different note, it’s finally feeling like spring! Sunshine and a light breeze in the air. If only the humidity would go away, it would be perfect. Cafes feel like my escape into society. If I’m not at a cafe, I’m usually at home alone and it can get pretty lonely. I love going to them in Chicago but I love them even more here! It gives me a sense of community and just puts me in a better mood, especially if the lighting and atmosphere is on point.



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