summer nights

Late night snacks are always a good idea – sometimes. There’s a culture of eating meals at convenient stores here; specifically, instant ramen noodles. I always see it on tv or hear of it through friends and family members, and I finally got to experience it!

Let’s get one thing clear. I never eat this late and I haven’t eaten instant ramen in about 4-5 years. Even at church retreats when they give it out as midnight snacks, I refuse to eat it.


But it was 1:30AM and the conditions were perfect. I told my cousins I wouldn’t eat any but after almost no convincing, I was in line with them, pouring hot water into my container. It was…. amazing, haha. I didn’t think I would enjoy it that much, but it was so good. I don’t think it was the noodles per se that were good, but the ambiance was perfect: the brisk air, sitting outside of a convenience store, and talking life with my cousins. These moments don’t come easily, and I think I’ll look back on this night and smile every time I think of it.


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