something new

I am a coffee addict, but recently (yesterday), I decided to limit my coffee intake to only 1 cup a day. In place of coffee, I’ve been drinking milk tea – black tea with a splash of milk. It’s not the biggest change but it is something new. And just like that, this blog is something new.

I used to blog more frequently but I stopped because I didn’t think it benefited me. How wrong I was. As much as I love reading blogs, I am in dire need of writing one as well. It seems a little ridiculous, but blogging keeps me grounded. It keeps me thankful and hopeful for what’s to come. What a great privilege it is to see past blessings, current opportunities, and future dreams – all in one place!

I’m about to start the next big stage of life, and I’m scared and excited and nervous and a bit reluctant. However, as I embark on my two month trip to Korea and start graduate school in the fall, I’m excited to record everything here. Cheers to adventures and pictures and recipes and restaurants and a million other things I’ll be writing about!